She Lied About Being Pregnant To Cover For Her Sister And She’s Telling The Internet She Now Feels Bad About It

A 29-year-old woman has two younger sisters; 22-year-old Amie and 27-year-old Julie. Their parents raised them in a super religious and strict way, and their mom and dad always insisted they couldn’t sleep with anyone before getting married or drink alcohol until they were of age.

She hasn’t stuck to this strict, straight, and narrow path her parents put her on, and neither has Amie, however, Julie has, and she tends to act like she’s better than they are because of this.

“Amie is single and living with me and my husband of 3 years, and has been for a while,” she explained.

“This Thanksgiving, we had the family over at my place and when my sister asked if she can go to the bathroom she comes out after a few seconds with a pregnancy test in hand asking who’s is it?”

“I was confused as it wasn’t mine but then I saw Amie getting nervous so I stood up and told everyone it was mine.”

Her husband just looked at her like what on earth was going on, since they both don’t want children, but he just went with it.

She later filled him in on everything and that she was covering for Amie. Also after this incident, she was able to speak to Amie privately that night and questioned her about the pregnancy test.

Amie told her that she began gaining weight and vomiting frequently, so she thought to take the test.

She had no idea she forgot to remove it from the bathroom counter, and that’s how Julie came across it.

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