She’s In A Relationship With Her Former Teacher That She Met When She Was 14 And She Finally Broke The News To Her Family

A 31-year-old woman is dating her former teacher named Michael, who is 54. They met one another when she was 14-years-old, and the following year, Michael wound up being her teacher.

Her dad then hired Michael to privately tutor her, along with another teacher, so she saw Michael several times a week from the time she was 16 until she graduated high school.

“Anyway, several months into this routine, I found myself “catching feelings” for Michael, but I never made it known or did anything about it,” she explained.

“At 18, I graduated high school. Michael was now a friend of the family, so I still saw him now and then, and we got along well.”

“I still enjoyed his company, and our relationship changed a bit. Nothing romantic, but we were friends. Lending books to each other, having coffee together, etc.”

Then when she turned 22, she wound up at a Christmas party that Michael also happened to be at too.

They shared a kiss at the party after having several drinks, and the day after that, Michael apologized extensively for their physical encounter.

They both thought it was best to move on and pretend the kiss never happened, which is exactly what they did, however, their relationship was starting to change again.

She felt things were different between them…warming up.

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