She’s Wondering If Bringing Her Baby To Her Infertile Cousin’s Wedding Might Be Rude Of Her To Do

A woman has three children with her husband, and they are 12-years-old, 6-years-old, and 3-months-old.

Her cousin is getting married, and when she received the invitation to her cousin’s wedding, she did not have her youngest child yet; she was still pregnant.

Initially, her 12-year-old and 6-year-old kids were allowed to attend the wedding, and it was supposed to happen last fall, in November.

Due to everything that happened during 2020, her cousin pushed her wedding to this month.

“My aunt (cousin’s mom) asked me to re-RSVP for this new date right after I had the baby,” she explained.

“I did so, and put down that myself, husband, and all 3 children, including the baby, would be attending.”

Well, the sister of her cousin who is getting married reached out to her insisting she’s a terrible person for attending the wedding with her baby too.

It turns out that her cousin who is getting married has PCOS and other health complications that have left her infertile, and her cousin’s sister thinks that bringing the baby to the wedding is throwing the bride’s infertility right in her face.

The other issue that her cousin’s sister has with the baby coming too is that many of her family members haven’t had a chance to even see her baby yet.

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