This 14-Year-Old Went Missing From Her High School Along With One Of Her Friends And Her Phone Was Later Found In Pieces In The Trash: Her Family Fears They Both Were Taken By A Man They Met Online

Oro Valley, Arizona. 14-year-old Isabelle Kring lives in Oro Valley, Arizona, along with her family. She attends the Canyon Del Oro High School, and she’s affectionately called Izzy by her friends and family.

November 22nd started out as a normal day for Izzy, who went to school as usual, however, at some point that day prior to 4 p.m., a man came to pick her and her 14-year-old friend Jade Innis up from school. Izzy’s family was completely unaware of this, and they were horrified when at the end of school that day, their daughter and her friend were nowhere to be found.

Facebook; pictured above is Izzy

As soon as Izzy’s family knew she had gone missing, they began reaching out to her friends, her classmates, and everyone at her school in an effort to piece together what had happened.

Izzy’s family then learned that she and her friend Jade were using social media platforms like Snapchat to talk to men online, even though both girls were not allowed to be on social media.

Izzy’s family fears that this unidentified man who came to get her and Jade from school was a man that they had met over the internet.

“Izzy told friends a 25YO boyfriend from Connecticut was coming to pick her up,” Izzy’s family explained in a Facebook post.

Facebook; pictured above is another photo of Izzy

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