This TikToker Went Viral After Sharing The Creepy Text Messages He Received Following A Tinder Date Gone Terribly Wrong

He also tried to deescalate the situation by stating that he will not be marrying anyone soon since his fiancé recently passed away. Well, the mother did not care.

“He informed me that you had the loss of a fiancé and while that is regrettable, your focus now needs to be to ignore the past and focus on what you need to do to make my son happy,” she said, “We will be by to speak with you at your office at 1:30 pm tomorrow.”

This mother had some serious nerve to first, insert herself into a failed Tinder date and second, pass judgments about how someone else should grieve the loss of their fiancé.

The TikToker was rightfully appalled and took an early lunch to avoid a possible office visit.

This first video recounting the interaction gained nearly nine hundred and fifty-thousand views on TikTok and has been liked almost one hundred and thirty-thousand times. Unfortunately, not even a day later, the TikToker had to post a part two.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot of the first video, showing some of the crazy texts 

“Y’all, oh I got tea,” he started the second video in true TikTok fashion, “I really didn’t think I would have anything more for a part two and then I got this.” He then pulled up yet another, even longer message from a new number!

“I am messaging you off of another phone because I see you have blocked my main number,” the text read, “I have seen your TikTok video and I must say I am appalled that you think it is okay to treat your husband and mother-in-law in such a manner.”

The message goes on to say that the mother had “made notations” of every commenter on the previous video and would be pursuing legal action.

Then, she continued to push the crazy marriage narrative. “I will not have you being an embarrassment to my family and most importantly to your future husband,” she wrote.

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