45 Years Ago This College Student Vanished On His Way Back To Campus One Night And His Car Was Just Found Submerged In A Creek Along With Human Remains

Authorities were then able to determine that the VIN number of the car in the creek was a match to Kyle’s car; that white 1974 Ford Pinto Runabout.

The car from the creek was brought to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office after being pulled from the water, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is currently working to “determine the contents of the vehicle.”

At a later news conference, Sheriff James Woodruff stated there were human remains found inside of Kyle’s car, but they have not positively identified those remains as Kyle.

Troup County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is the car that was recovered from the creek

They did, however, find credit cards and an ID that belonged to Kyle inside of the car.

Sadly, Kyle’s mom Louise passed away this January, and his dad John died several years ago, so they never will get the hear the news that Kyle’s case might finally be solved.

Kyle’s parents worked tirelessly after his disappearance to try to get closure for their only child.

After Kyle went missing in 1976 and up until the day she passed away, Louise always made sure to leave the front porch light on, hoping Kyle would find his way back home.

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