He Just Got Married And Found Out That The Woman He Was Previously Hooking Up With Might Have Given Birth To His Baby

The mom doesn’t agree with his former friends with benefits wanting to keep the baby a secret from him, especially since there’s a really good chance that this is his baby.

“It seems so crazy to me,” he said. “She sent me pictures of him. And she says he’s almost 5 weeks old. Like the math lines up but I do want a paternity test just to sure you know?”

“But I’m just so scared now. We just got married. Now I’ve (possibly) got a newborn baby. Idk my ex’s condition right now but I know if he’s mine I’m gonna be involved and probably more if she can’t be around as much.”

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He feels awful that this might be new reality for his wife, but before they moved forward with an open relationship, they did discuss that this could happen.

He has no clue how to tell his wife that he might have a newborn baby, and he’s having a hard time finding the right words to say to break the news to her.

He’s also losing it over potentially being a father, and he cannot focus on anything let alone what to do.

How would you feel in this situation?

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