38 Years Ago She Was Last Seen Waiting For A Train Before She Was Found Brutally Beaten And Run Over In The Middle Of A Road

Delray Beach, Florida. It was November 13th, 1983, when 21-year-old Carla Lowe was last seen patiently waiting on an Amtrak platform for a train that was supposed to shortly arrive.

Unfortunately, Carla never made it onto the train that she had been waiting for; instead, she was found brutally beaten and run over in the middle of a road located not far from the train station.

It was Depot Avenue in Delray Beach where Carla was sadly found dead.

38 years went by without any answers in Carla’s case, but several days ago, the Delray Beach Police Department announced they finally had Carla’s killer in custody.

Delray Beach Police Department; pictured above is Carla

“On November 13th, 1983, Carla Lowe was found brutally beaten and run over in the roadway, resulting in her death,” Detective Todd Clancy explained at a press conference.

“An investigation was conducted, but there was insufficient evidence to support probable cause for the case at that time.”

In January of this year, a new cold case position was created within the Delray Beach Police Department, and Detective Todd Clancy was chosen for this position.

As soon as he got the job, Detective Todd Clancy wasted no time digging through old cases and speaking with detectives that had long since retired from the force in an effort to move some of the cases forward.

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