Scott Peterson Avoided The Death Penalty, But Today He Was Resentenced To Life Behind Bars

Modesto, California. 27-year-old pregnant Laci Peterson disappeared from her high-end home in Modesto, California on December 23rd, 2002.

Her case drew widespread media attention, and it wasn’t long before her husband Scott Peterson became the leading suspect in her case.

It quickly came to light that Scott had a mistress named Amber Frey, who ended up being a key witness.

Scott told Amber Laci had passed away on December 9th of 2002, even though that was not true. Amber learned that Scott was married a few days after Laci went missing.

A few months later on April 13, 2003, Laci’s unborn baby, whom she was going to name Conner, was found washed ashore in the San Francisco Bay area. His umbilical cord was still attached to him.

The day after Conner was found, just a mile away, Laci was recovered. She was so badly decomposed it was hard to tell she once had been a person. She was still wearing a maternity bra and beige colored pants.

On April 18th, Scott was arrested, and on the 21st he was arraigned and charged with the second-degree murder of Conner and the first-degree murder of Laci.

Scott pleaded not guilty, and he maintained his innocence throughout his widely publicized trial, where the prosecution insisted Scott had killed his wife and unborn child so he could live a single life and be free to date Amber.

YouTube; Laci and Scott smile together in the photo above

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