Her Boyfriend Wants Her To Pick Up And Move To New York City For His Job But He Weirdly Doesn’t Want Her To Live In The Same Apartment As Him

New York, New York. A 28-year-old woman is dating a man who is 1 year younger than her, and they currently live in the South.

Her boyfriend is finishing up his MBA and graduating this upcoming May. He already has gotten a job in investment banking in New York City that’s set to start in July.

She’s been with her boyfriend for 1 year now, and he would like her to pick up and move the 9+ hours away from where they live to New York City with him.

The weirdest part about this though is he doesn’t want to live with her and wants to get a separate apartment.

She has a few issues with this; the first one being that his starting salary is going to be two to three times more than what she makes.

Since it’s not cheap by any means to live in New York City, she’s concerned that she’s going to have to live in a worse area than he can afford and she’s concerned she also might have to live somewhere not so safe.

“I am almost certain the disparity in living standards is going to ruin our relationship,” she explained.

“His argument: he has gotten advice in the past (from multiple people that he says he trusts) that living together before marriage is bad for a relationship and not to do it.”

“He also said 2 years isn’t enough time for him to propose to someone. He also insists that if I find a great job, I am technically moving for my job, so I am not only moving for him.”

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