Her Mentally Ill Mother Moved In With Her, Again, And Is Making Life Unimaginably Tough So She’s Wondering How To Deal With It

Struggling with mental illness is undoubtedly challenging. But, it can also place a tremendous amount of stress on the caretakers or family members involved.

This woman is struggling to manage living with her fifty-year-old, mentally ill mother.

The woman is only twenty-six years old, and her mother moved in with her again after being evicted from her apartment for erratic behavior.

Her mother is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and has made living in the apartment very difficult for her and her boyfriend.

“We have been constrained to staying in our bedroom because of her actions. My mother does not take medicine and believes there is nothing wrong with her,” the woman explained.

When her mother has visual or auditory hallucinations, she believes they are from God. For example, the mother believes that God told her she did not have to pay rent.

So, she was evicted from three apartments in the past three years. She also scared tenants and was disruptive.

“I’ve kept her once before after being released from a mental hospital, but she was in a better mental place from the medicine she was given,” the woman said, “As soon as the medicine worse off and she did not follow up with it, she has been very delusional.”

This woman also has no outside help from other family members. Instead, her mother acts like she owns the apartment.

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