He’s In Love With His Half-Sister And Currently Living With Her But Their Family Doesn’t Know

At this point, they had no idea they shared the same dad and that they were actually half-siblings.

“Fast forward to our senior year, one night I overheard my parents talking,” he said. “That’s when I learned the truth about the two of us. I was shocked.”

“The next night, I told her and we both cried. It was so traumatic that our entire family lied to the both of us for years!”

He grew further apart from his half-sister in the 2 years that followed their graduation from high school.

Throughout that time, he knew something was missing from his life, and it was her. He tried to reconnect with his half-sister, and they wound up getting together in person.

As soon as they got together, the feelings he had for her returned, and he brought up the time when she had revealed that she loved him.

He told her that he will always love her, and from there, their relationship grew once again.

“Fast foward a year later to present day,” he continued. “We both live together in our own apartment. Our families still don’t know we’re together intimately.”

Strangely enough, they never made things official and they just moved in with each other. He thinks their relationship is far past the just dating phase.

Their families still have no idea that they are together, and they aren’t sure how to break this news to them.

“They were okay with lying to us for our entire lives about our identities so I think it’s fair that we both keep our relationship to ourselves,” he wrote.

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