Her Dad Has A New Girlfriend That Not Only Looks Like Her But Is Also Close To The Same Age As Her And She’s Telling The Internet It’s Embarrassing

A 19-year-old girl has a dad who is 60-years-old, and her dad recently got a new girlfriend. A few weeks ago, she got to meet her dad’s new girlfriend for the first time, and things did not go well.

Not only does her dad’s new girlfriend look a lot like her…but her dad’s new girlfriend is also close to the same as her.

Her dad’s new girlfriend is only 23, so 4 years older than she is.

“His GF is young as hell and she looks exactly like me, similar dress sense, similar voice, and mannerisms,” she explained.

“We look disturbingly alike. Us looking alike and her age has really been messing with my mind. My dad says he doesn’t see it but he’s clearly lying if even the waitress thought we were twins!!!!”

“It was so embarrassing when the waitress realized it was his girlfriend and not his daughter. I could literally see the entire waitstaff discussing it.”

After that incident in the restaurant, she made it clear to her dad that she would never like to spend time with him and his new girlfriend in public ever again.

She went on to tell her dad that she would happily be seen out and about with him if he decided to break up with his new girlfriend, but all of that made her dad mad.

Her dad thinks she’s being awful for getting upset over his girlfriend’s age, and he does not see the resemblance between her and his girlfriend at all.

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