She Was Kidnapped By Her Boyfriend And Held Captive For A Month While He Tortured Her

Modesto, California. A 25-year-old woman living in Modesto was in a new relationship with a 29-year-old Modesto man named Saul Ortega.

At some point during their relationship, this poor woman was kidnapped by Saul and held captive for an entire month inside of his home while he tortured her.

It was on December 4th at approximately 1:30 in the morning when the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to a young woman needing a welfare check after she had revealed that Saul kidnapped and then tortured her after holding her against her will.

“Patrol deputies were able to locate the female who had escaped Ortega Thursday afternoon,” the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office explained in a press release.

“She had extensive injuries to her body, including bruises and burns, and was transported to an area hospital for treatment.”

This woman initially did not alert the authorities to what had happened to her inside of Saul’s house due to the fact that he threatened her family and her as well.

“Detectives from the Crimes Against Person Unit responded and took over the investigation, and were assisted by the SWAT team, Special Investigations Unit, Crime Scene Investigation Unit, and Unmanned Aerial System team,” the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office said.

At 8:45 in the morning yesterday, a SWAT team showed up at Saul’s home on Paradise Road to arrest him and also search his home.

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above the SWAT team arrests Saul at his home

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