Over The Past 11 Years She’s Undergone 2 Brain Surgeries, A Clinical Trial, And Hundreds Of Doctor Visits Yet She’s Still Fighting A Tumor In Her Brain

Detroit, Michigan. In addition to a successful career as a freelance photographer, Sarah Rice has spent the past 11 years battling a brain tumor.

She has persisted through the debilitating effects of this tumor, as well as its treatment, and undergone extreme financial strain in the fight to stay alive.

A friend decided to organize a GoFundMe to help Sarah continue getting the treatment she needs.

According to their post, Sarah struggles to ask for help, even when she gravely needs it. But the community is dedicated to supporting her, and through the post, they can give insight into everything their “badass, super talented, brave friend has gone through.”

It’s anything but easy to describe the trials and tribulations Sarah has experienced in the past 11 years dealing with her illness.

“Her medical insurance has stopped covering essential doctor visits without which she stops being able to see or walk,” the GoFundMe shares.

Over the last decade, Sarah’s treatment has included: “two brain surgeries, hundreds of doctor’s visits, participation in a grueling clinical trial, and daily medications and injections most of us would wince at the very idea of.”

Sarah also underwent radiation therapy two years ago, which came with a new set of physical challenges comparable to those brought on by the tumor itself.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Sarah

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