She Bruises Super Easily And Her Friends Think That Her Fiancé Is Abusing Her So They Called The Police

“Not without giving me information on women’s shelters. I tried explaining again that I just bruise super easily.”

After the incident, her friends have been acting cold and strange towards her fiancé.

Then, when she had them over to her place, she was play-fighting with her fiancé and her friends freaked out.

“That for them was enough evidence,” she continued. “They tried dragging me out. Started screaming at him.”

“The sadness in his eyes just broke me. I had to threaten them with police if they don’t leave our apartment.”

Her friends quickly called her parents and sent them photos of her bruises that they took when she hadn’t been looking.

Now, her parents truly believe that her fiancé is abusing her too, and they also contacted the police.

Her life has turned into a complete nightmare, and she has even pinched her leg to demonstrate to her parents how bad the bruising is, but they don’t buy it.

She had no choice but to stop speaking to her parents and her friends, who believe this behavior is her fiancé forcing her to be isolated from her loved ones.

I have cut off basically everyone for now. They see it as my fiance isolating me from everyone.

She desperately wants her loved ones to see the truth, and the fact that they can’t is really making her and her fiancé upset.

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