She Paid $1,300 For Her Wedding Cake And The Design Was Far From What She Asked For So She Wants A Refund

A woman recently got married to her husband just two weeks ago. Well, they legally were already married, but they were thrilled to have the actual wedding party.

She had been planning her big day for a year and a half, and it was nearly perfect. But, the biggest issue was her wedding cake.

She wanted the cake to be 5 tiers and covered in white fondant. On each tier of the cake, she wanted there to be a lace design, and she did have inspiration photos that she showed to the woman who made her wedding cake.

“This cake was $1,300,” she explained. “That’s a lot of money to pay to *not* get what you want.”

“The flavors we chose were correct, but the design was not. This was supposed to be a grand, elaborate cake and ultimately it has been described thus far as “a bird that tracked through frosting and then stepped all over the cake”. I agree, it looks like the design was a spackled-on afterthought.”

As soon as her wedding was finished, she approached the woman who made her wedding cake to say that she was very disappointed in how it came out.

She called her design “sloppy” and requested a refund since the cake she got really looks nothing like her inspiration photos (you can see photos of her actual wedding cake and her inspiration photo here).

She didn’t expect to get a full refund, but she did want to get at least half of her money back.

“At the end of the day, she still created a 5-tiered cake, and the flavors were correct,” she said.

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