She Discovered That Her Boyfriend Bought Her An Extravagant Rose Gold Diamond Ring For Christmas And She’s Struggling With How She’s Going To Refuse The Gift

A 29-year-old woman is in a relationship with her boyfriend, who is 28. Recently, while she was cleaning their home, she accidentally discovered a receipt for what she is positive is the Christmas present her boyfriend is about to give her in a few days.

So what is the present? It’s a very extravagant rose gold and diamond ring, and it’s making her wildly uncomfortable knowing this is what her boyfriend chose to buy her for Christmas, for several reasons.

One reason she really is upset by this gift is that it cost a ton of money, and she knows they could use that money towards other things, such as items they truly do need.

This really comes across to her like a bright red flag, because her boyfriend is awful with how he spends his money and he can’t budget well at all.

She isn’t sure if her boyfriend’s mom helped him out with purchasing this ring for her, but if that’s the case, it makes her all the more uneasy.

“I have told him time and again that I want to be consulted for big purchases, he barely started a real job a month or so ago, he doesn’t make much,” she explained.

“I still pay for the majority of the bills and a gift like this almost seems like a slap in the face since I have really struggled to make things work living with him and HIS extravagant habits and hobbies.”

The second reason she’s upset about the ring is that it is covered in diamonds, which she hates. She doesn’t consider herself high-maintenance or lavish in the least, and that’s what she thinks diamonds stand for.

She also is not a fan of how diamonds are mined and the issues surrounding that. She has pointed out to her boyfriend in the past all of the qualms she has with diamonds, so she feels like he hasn’t listened to a single word that she said.


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