Taking Things Offline: 7 Awkward Yet Necessary Questions You Need To Ask That Person You Met Online When You Go On Your First Date In The Real World

Online dating is hard, I know! There are a few awkward but necessary questions you need to ask on your first offline date though to help you figure out if this is someone you can move forward with.

These questions will definitely help you to determine if your date has potential while not overwhelming them (or you) in the process.

Read on to find out what you absolutely need to ask!

georgerudy –

“What are you looking for?”

Definitely have the guts to ask what someone is looking for! Is your date ready to settle down or continue being a party animal and unwilling to commit?

This is probably the most important question you can possibly ask because it’s going to let you know right away if you two are on the same page.

If you’re looking for commitment and a serious relationship, but they’re not, don’t even entertain a second date.

“How do you feel about (insert a deal-breaker for you)?”

You should absolutely not be afraid to casually ask about some of your deal-breakers upfront.

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