She Found Out That Her Boyfriend Has Been Texting His Ex So Now She’s Spending Christmas Eve Crying

“After the back-and-forth of his defensiveness building and my panic building he eventually showed me the messages.”

Well, his ex texted him to say that she had a steamy dream about him. Her boyfriend didn’t exactly reply back to that, but he did keep talking to his ex.

Her boyfriend then texted his ex to ask when she could be his waitress over at the restaurant where she is employed.

She looked further through her boyfriend’s texts with his ex, and she also noticed that he messaged his ex a selfie of himself that he snapped back when he was in a relationship with her.

Eventually, her boyfriend apologized and acknowledged that what he did wasn’t right, but that didn’t help her feel better one bit.

She let her boyfriend know that it wasn’t alright with her that he was talking to his ex at all, and it’s highly disrespectful.

At the end of their conversation, her boyfriend tried to fix things by suggesting that he text his ex and let her know they couldn’t talk anymore.

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“I have spent the majority of Christmas Eve crying because I just feel betrayed and I feel silly for having trusted him all of this time,” she said.

“I can’t help but to sit here and wonder how many other conversations they had of this nature even though he swears this was the only one.”

“He went out today and bought me a bunch of extra Christmas presents and it just feels like bull… and overcompensating in the wrong way.”

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