28 Years Ago She Disappeared And Then Her Van Was Found Covered In Her Blood

Salina, Kansas. Back in 1993, 33-year-old Kathryn Adam was separated from her husband and going through a divorce.

She was living in Salina along with their teenage daughter, who was 16-years-old, and Kathryn worked for a pantyhose company called L’eggs selling their pantyhose to various clients.

As part of Kathryn’s job, she drove a white company van that had blue lettering across the side which read, “She has Legg’s.”

Kathryn also rented a storage unit, where she kept all of the pantyhose that she sold to her clients.

Kathryn routinely would head to her storage unit and get the pantyhose that her clients ordered, load it into her company van, and then drop her orders off.

On the night of April 29th, 1993, Kathryn hopped into her company van and drove it to a local gas station called the Kwik Trip, located on Salina’s West Crawford Street.

One of the cameras at the gas station captured the last few moments that Kathryn was seen, and after that, she vanished.

When she failed to return home that evening, her daughter reported her as missing.

NAMUS; pictured above is Kathryn

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