She Found Romantic Letters That Her Sister’s Current Boyfriend Wrote To Their Mom Before Their Mom Passed Away

“…I actually found letters from my sister now boyfriend to my mom from when he was deployed, really romantic stuff, saying stuff that would suggest they were dating or at the very least had “been” together more than once, these letters are literally up until a week before the accident, one of them was still unopened bc I guess it had arrived after she had died,” she said.

She decided to take pictures of the letters and send them along to her sister. As soon as she did that, she received a call from her sister’s phone, however, it was Jared.

Jared freaked out on her, and after he hung up, she could not get in touch with her sister.

Concerned, she phoned up the police to perform a wellness check on her sister, and it turned out that her sister was alright.

A day after that, Jared showed up on their doorstep all upset. He insisted she needed to hand over the letters to him, and that’s exactly what she did.

Not long after that, she did speak to her sister on the phone, and her sister relayed to her that Jared had accused her of trying to create problems.

“She said that I had no right reading the letters he sent to mom, that those were personal and I should’ve just given them to him without reading them,” she continued.

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“She also said that Jared had already told her about his past with our mother. He says that our mom emotionally manipulated him, that she was toxic and abusive to him, and that’s why he got so upset when he found out I had found the letters.”

“She said our mom used him and taken advantage of him and that I needed to mind my own business, that she was happy and didn’t want me to meddle.”

Now, she does not believe a word of what Jared told her sister at all. She read some of the letters, and none of them made her mom out to be the kind of person to take advantage of Jared.

Her sister is aware the letters exist, and clearly isn’t bothered by them, so she thinks she needs to just drop this entire thing.

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