She Found Romantic Letters That Her Sister’s Current Boyfriend Wrote To Their Mom Before Their Mom Passed Away

A 16-year-old girl has a 22-year-old sister, and they grew up together along with their mom in New York.

They never got to know their dad, and their mom passed away when she was only 2-years-old after a terrible car accident.

When her mom passed away, she and her sister moved out to Colorado to live with their aunt. Even though their mom passed, many people who had been a part of her life reached out to them and stayed in contact.

One person in particular who had been very close to her mom was a man by the name of Jared.

Her sister ended up getting into an enormous argument with her aunt’s husband after she turned 17, and she picked up and moved to New York to rent a room from Jared.

Two years after her sister left, she revealed that she was dating Jared.

“…We all thought was super weird but at that point, my aunt was having in the middle of her divorce and it was getting really nasty with custody of their kids and since my sister was all the way in NY even though she told her she thought it was odd, my sister told her she was happy and she loved him and he treated her well, we knew nothing had been going on before then because my sister had been dating this girl for about a year before she started dating Jared,” she explained.

In light of her aunt’s divorce, her aunt can no longer afford the house they are living in so she is going to move.

Her aunt began cleaning the house out and came across a bunch of her mom’s things. She started looking through her mom’s belongings and found photos and journals and amazing things that her mom had owned.

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