At Her Boyfriend’s Sister’s Baby Shower, An Aunt Accused Her Of Ruining The Whole Thing And Now This Teen Is Asking The Internet If She Really Did Anything Wrong Here

A 16-year-old girl is dating a boy who is 17, and recently she went to her boyfriend’s older sister’s baby shower.

Her boyfriend asked her to come to shower since she gets on well with his closest family members and he figured this would be a nice way for her to meet some of his other family members.

“One of his aunts who I didn’t know too much came over while I was playing with the younger kids and took me over to where some of the other aunts and my BF’s sister was for some ‘girl talk’,” she explained.

The aunt really just wanted to ask her a ton of personal questions like what college she planned on going to, what her thoughts on marriage are, and what kind of a career she wants to have.

She tried her very best to be calm while answering everything.

Those are some pretty heavy questions for a 16-year-old to answer, but it gets way worse.

Her boyfriend’s aunt then asked her if she wanted to have kids.

“I said never because I don’t want kids, for multiple reasons but I got interrogated about why don’t I want kids, would I ever adopt, doesn’t my boyfriend want kids,” she said.

The aunt kept going; pressing her on what she would do if she found herself accidentally pregnant.

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