This Dog Was Born With Three Congenital Heart Diseases But Now Things Are Getting Worse And Her Family Is Trying To Buy More Time With Her With A Life-Saving Surgery

Thankfully, cardiac surgery would give Kimber another chance at a carefree life with her family and allow her to run and play with other dogs.

The love within this family between humans and their furry best friends is more than apparent.

Dog-lovers know this bond and that they’d do anything to keep it. The post even got a comment from the family who has Kimber’s litter mate/brother, who wrote that he “wishes his sister the best! We are thinking of you guys, as we too cannot imagine a life without our fur baby in it.” 

Their post asks for the best Christmas present a family could receive—more time and treasured memories with a loved one.

You can read this family’s heartwarming story or donate to their GoFundMe here.

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