This Poor Dog Was Rescued From A Puppy Mill Situation And Now She Needs To Have Both Of Her Ear Canals Removed Because They Keep Getting Infected

Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. We all know people like Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jim—those who are giving, selfless, and enduringly kind despite the challenges they might face.

As animal lovers, they made it a goal to rescue dogs that had been bred and mistreated in puppy mills, an industry that sells dogs and profits from continued abuse.

Their first rescue was Fina, an adorable Great Dane who had sadly lost her eye to an infection. Unfortunately, she would later lose her other eye.

Instead of regretting their decision to adopt a dog with a disability, Kathy and Jim adjusted their lives to accommodate their furry family member. They soon realized they had even more love to give.

Their niece, Francesca, recognized their generosity, and when their next great love, Winnie, developed a severe infection, she decided to create a GoFundMe to support her medical costs.

Winnie, who their niece describes as a “spunky Newfoundland,” was found neglected at a shelter. Like the couple’s other “giant” dog, Winnie was rescued from constant breeding at puppy mills.

Unfortunately, Winnie developed dual ear infections that were antibiotic and steroid-resistant, meaning that they were constantly becoming reinfected.

Eventually, a vet gave the couple devastating news; they would have to remove both of Winnie’s ear canals due to the seriousness of her latest infection.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Winnie

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