Her Fiancé Has A Gambling Problem And She’s Thinking Of Canceling Their Wedding

A woman has been with her fiancé for close to 5 years now, and they’re getting married next month.

She had no idea when she started dating her fiancé that he had a problem with gambling, but she found out around 2 years into dating him.

He revealed to her his problem that Christmas after he lost an insane amount of money to his addiction.

She figured it was a one-off type of situation, and after he told her about his gambling problem, they went on a break.

She really wasn’t able to handle this news from him at the time, while she was trying to also focus on getting her graduate degree.

She made it clear to him that she was upset by his problem, and she insisted that he needed to find a way to fix it before she considered dating him again.

He did try to improve, which she could see, so she took him back soon after breaking up with him

From there on out, things seemed to be wonderful. Earlier this year, she learned that she was pregnant.

Her boyfriend asked her to marry him, and she agreed.

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