Her Boyfriend Is Obsessed With Big-Chested Women But Since She’s Not Built Like That It’s Making Her Insecure

A 21-year-old woman is in a relationship with her 24-year-old boyfriend, and they’ve been dating one another for close to 9 months.

As soon as they began seeing one another, they decided to make honesty an important cornerstone of their relationship, and so they are quite open about communicating.

Not long after dating her boyfriend, he revealed to her that he’s obsessed with big-chested women.

“I was not surprised since I know most men do but the problem is I don’t have huge boobs at all, unfortunately,” she explained.

“I am petite and pear-shaped, my hips are very wide but my boobs are small. My boyfriend confessed to me that he solely spoke to girls in the past or hooked up with them because they had big boobs.”

She was definitely upset when her boyfriend told her all of this, and she did let him know that she considers his past behavior exceptionally shallow and wrong.

Before she entered her boyfriend’s life, he never had a relationship that was serious before, and it seems like his big-chested obsession is the major part of that.

Her boyfriend continued with his honesty though, and also mentioned that he absolutely loves when a woman who has a big chest chooses to wear a bra that’s too small for them or a corset to really accentuate their curves.

“I can’t do that, my boobs are too small and I feel like I’m not satisfying him at all,” she said.


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