He’s Thinking Of Ending Things With His Fiancée Because He’s Worried That He’s Been Doing All The Right Things With The Wrong Woman

A 33-year-old man is currently engaged to his 29-year-old fiancée, and he originally met her 4 years ago at a bar.

They’ve had a pretty amazing relationship so far and he has even saved his fiancée’s life once after she nearly drowned.

They also once got stuck up on a mountain but managed to survive that. They are always there for one another when life gets bad, and also when it gets good.

“This is someone I consider a true “significant other,” he explained. “Inside jokes, traveled afar, met all of the family members, etc.”

“We’ve built a very successful/ comfortable life together where she is rising up the ladder as an attorney, and I work as an engineer and we’ve grown our investments together.”

“I find her intelligent, kind-hearted/ caring, in good shape and we can talk about anything for hours.”

“Last year, perhaps in part due to societal pressures/ influences, I decided it would be the proper thing to do to propose and make this thing official.”

Lately, he’s been doing some legwork for their upcoming wedding, when he paused to think about the life that they are going to have after tying the knot.

He’s white and his family members are from Lithuania and Ukraine, whereas his fiancée is the first one of her family members to be born here in the United States instead of China.

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