Her Boyfriend Told Her That He’s Not As Attracted To Her When She’s Not Wearing Makeup

A 23-year-old woman has been dating her 25-year-old boyfriend for just about 2 years, and he is the first man that she has ever seen long-term.

She’s in love with her boyfriend, and he has mentioned to her that he’s going to propose to her sometime in 2022.

Not that long ago, she was lying on her boyfriend’s chest when he complimented her on the makeup she was wearing.

She felt great about his compliment, especially since her boyfriend isn’t the best with words though he always tries to come from a well-meaning place when he says things.

After she thanked her boyfriend for the lovely compliment, he really turned this nice moment between them in another direction.

“He then responds with, “I’m not saying that makeup is everything because it’s not, but it helps,” she explained.

“I then say, “Is it harder for you to get turned on and get off when I’m not wearing makeup?” And he says “a little.” I’m devastated.”

“I know I’m not ugly, and I know that makeup makes everyone look prettier, but hearing him say this made me think that he’s only attracted to me if I’m wearing makeup.”

She quickly burst into tears after her boyfriend gave her that dose of honesty, and she revealed to her boyfriend that she really was left feeling unattractive.

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