His Girlfriend Left To Go On A Trip To Dubai With Her Ex And He Wasn’t Invited

A 22-year-old man is dating his 25-year-old girlfriend, and they met in college about a year ago. They began as friends, and at the time his girlfriend was in a relationship with someone else.

Then, his girlfriend dumped her boyfriend in the middle of November to be with him, and things turned romantic

Surprisingly, his girlfriend’s ex was alright with being dumped because he just wanted her to be happy.

As soon as his girlfriend began dating him, she said that she really wanted to stay friends with her ex because he was very important to her.

He was jealous, but he tried to push those feelings away.

“Well, one night in mid-December we are at dinner, and her phone beeps,” he explained. “She got an e-mail. With a flight ticket to Dubai. From her ex-boyfriend… Who’s going with her.”

“A Christmas surprise, he said. I was speechless. Went to a bathroom, washed with cold water, and just looked to a mirror for a while.”

“Being a journalist, I have no shortage of insane stories in my life so I just laughed for a minute alone and went back.”

He did make it clear to his girlfriend that he was not thrilled about her going on a trip alone to Dubai with her ex, but he knew he can’t stop her from going.

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