His Younger Sister Is Jealous Of The Attention His Fiancée Is Getting For Wedding Planning And He Told His Mom If She Doesn’t Stop Buying His Sister Things To Make Her Feel Better She’s Not Coming To The Wedding

A man is getting married soon, and his 19-year-old sister is becoming super jealous of the attention that his fiancée is getting for wedding planning.

His sister is trying to upstage and compete with his fiancée, and things are getting out of hand now.

“This all started when I proposed,” he explained. “I saved for a while because my fiancée is a gorgeous girl and I wanted the ring to be really special.”

“When we first saw my mom, she was showing it off and my sister got quiet, and then left the room for a while.”

“She didn’t compliment it or say congratulations. At the next gathering with extended family, the ring got a lot of attention and my sister seemed sad.”

“My mom ended up buying her a diamond bracelet with some sapphires. When I commented my mom said it just seemed fair because she has my stepdad to buy her jewelry, my fiancée has me, and my sister has no one.”

The next big issue was when his fiancée invited his mom and sister to shop for a wedding dress with her.

The entire time, his sister complained about not feeling well and she kept putting her head down on their mom and sulking.

Later on, his fiancée called his mom to chat about the wedding colors with her, and his mom revealed that she already bought a dress for his sister since she could not wait.

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