She Refused To Bake A Gender Reveal Cake For The Woman Her Husband Cheated On Her With And She’s Asking The Internet If She’s Allowed To Do That

A 23-year-old woman was previously married to her 35-year-old ex-husband, but while she was pregnant with their twins (who are now 1-year-old) he cheated on her.

Her pregnancy was extremely complicated, and she ended up bed-ridden for part of it. While she was lying in bed afraid for the lives of the babies she was carrying, her husband was seeing another woman without her even knowing.

As soon as she found out her husband was cheating, she divorced him.

“He’s a good dad and his girlfriend is now pregnant,” she explained. “He cheated on me with his current girlfriend but she didn’t know he had a wife at the time, and I firmly believe that.”

Anyway, she is the owner of a baking company that’s quite successful, and a lot of her work involves gender reveal cakes and all kinds of custom desserts.

“My husband’s girlfriend called me and asked if I would be willing to do a gender reveal cake for them and said it would mean a lot of “the mother of her baby’s siblings made the cake for the party,” she said.

She didn’t tell her ex-husband’s girlfriend no off the bat; she mentioned that she would need to consider it then give her an answer.

After thinking things through, she did get back to her ex-husband’s girlfriend and let her know that she could not make her gender reveal cake for her.

“I am admittedly incredibly bitter at my ex for cheating on me while I was bedridden and medically fragile being pregnant with his children, and I don’t want to be involved in the celebration of their new child,” she continued.

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