The Guy That She’s Been Seeing Kisses His Male Friends But This Makes Her Super Uncomfortable

A woman has been seeing a guy now for around 3 or 4 months, and she truly believes she is quickly “falling in love” with this guy.

He’s met her family and her friends, and her loved ones adore him. People think that she’s perfect for him and he’s perfect for her.

“We connect on so many levels and even in my past relationships, I have never felt this way about someone,” she explained.

“There is just one issue and I’m really trying not to be too judgmental especially bc many of my friends are part of the LGBT community, but I’m just not sure how to feel about it.”

“He kisses his guy friends as a joke. The first time it happened I was taken aback and was honestly pretty uncomfortable but they were all really drunk so I did think it was a drunken joke.”

Well, the guy that she’s seeing has continued to kiss his male friends two times after this, all while claiming it’s just a joke.

The thing is, she thinks his behavior has gone way past the point of joking.

The very first time that she saw this guy kiss his friends, she definitely wasn’t happy, but since they were not official in their relationship, she didn’t think she was allowed to really say anything to him.

After it happened, she never brought it up to him either since she was also trying to keep her mind open. –

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