He Found Out That His Girlfriend Is Actually Married And After He Broke Things Off With Her She Sent Him 50 Texts


A 22-year-old man was dating his 31-year-old girlfriend named Amanda after he met her on a dating app.

Their relationship started out super casual, but then they got serious after several months of spending time together.

Recently, while he was looking at Amanda’s Facebook, he realized she was married, and he looked at her husband’s profile.

Since Amanda and her husband work as teachers, he didn’t have a hard time finding Amanda’s husband’s email address.

He did have strong feelings for Amanda, but it bothered him so much that she was married and kept that major secret from him.

He thought about whether or not he should go through with contacting Amanda’s husband to let this guy know about her cheating, and he finally decided to do it.

He sent Amanda’s husband an email, as well as a message through Facebook, and Amanda’s husband was very kind to him in the replies.

“He responded shortly after and has clarified the status of their marriage,” he explained. “They are currently in the process of getting divorced and are not living together.”

“That’s probably why I never saw him around. I brought up that I’ve been in a relationship with his wife and it seems Amanda has never told him about us.”


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