He Found Out That His Girlfriend Is Actually Married And After He Broke Things Off With Her She Sent Him 50 Texts

“He was surprisingly fine with it and told me not to worry about it because they are separating anyways.”

He then picked Amanda up from work, cooked her dinner, and let her know that he was aware of her married status.

Amanda owned up to it as she cried, and the story she gave him matched what her husband had already told him.

“She then tells me that we could work this out and that she’ll be honest from now on,” he said. “I told her that I disagree and said I think it’s best if we broke up and thanked her for her company.”

Their night was over, their relationship was over, and he thought he would be able to move on from here, but he was wrong.

He drove home and saw that Amanda sent him 50 texts. She additionally had called to leave him 5 voicemails on top of that, and he was quite shocked.

He didn’t get a chance to make it through all of the messages Amanda left for him, but essentially, she said she’s stopping by his place tomorrow because she wants to speak to him.

He has no idea what Amanda wants to say, as he figured everything was finished. He already went through with blocking her on social media as well as the dating app they met on, and now he’s feeling exhausted.

Do you think he should hear Amanda out?

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