His Girlfriend Owns A Clothing Boutique And He Really Doesn’t Want To Give Up His Nights Or Weekends Helping Her With It

He and his girlfriend get into disagreements about his unwillingness to help her in her boutique for free, and it’s something they just can’t resolve.

This really is the only issue in their relationship, as aside from bickering about her boutique, they don’t have any other things that they disagree on.

His girlfriend feels that he is not supportive, yet he thinks he is. He does not directly help his girlfriend at the boutique, but he does pitch in and do their housework.

He cooks for her, he cleans their place, and he does a lot more around their house. He just wants to reserve his weekends for downtime.

“I do have the time to help her, really the only reason that I don’t is just that I don’t want to,” he said.

“She argues that sometimes as adults we have to do things we do not want to do. I just said that as an adult I can finally decide to NOT do things I do not want to do, as a child most people don’t have that luxury.”

He is left wondering though if it’s wrong of him to not want to help his girlfriend out on his nights and weekends.

Do you think he should help her for free, or is this all on her since it’s her business?

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