This Pair Of Roommates Moved To Amsterdam And Found Love With Their Next Door Neighbors

Have you ever dreamed of moving to Europe and finding “the one?” Well, meet the real-life Emily in Paris.

A young woman named Julia Biala recently moved to Amsterdam with her best friend. Besides all of the gorgeous scenery, history-packed museums, and exuberant nightlife, the pair became even more excited after realizing they lived next to “two hot neighbors.”

Julia and her roommate did not want to let this movie-like romantic opportunity pass them by. So, the pair embarked on a journey to connect with the neighbors and recounted the entire endeavor for TikTokers everywhere in a now-viral video.

“We did not have our neighbors’ number. So, we put a little sign on our window,” Julia narrated while showing a piece of paper that read, “Hi! How are you?”

The neighbors eventually replied with a simple “good,” and the girls were ecstatic.

Then, they decided their next step was to initiate a friendship.

“Let’s be brave. Hopefully, they do not think we are weird,” Julia wrote while showing a “Wanna be friends?” window sign.

Thankfully, the boys were actually very receptive to the offer. They ended up opening their window to talk and even invited the pair of roommates over.

TikTok; pictured above Julia’s roommate holds up the sign they left for their neighbors

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