This Sheltie Named Nuri Accidentally Got Into A Supplement For People And Miraculously Recovered Even After There Was Nothing Else Veterinarians Could Do To Help

Adell, Wisconsin. Jenna and Cherie O’Connor are dog toymakers who own the store Tugawaycuwin, and after a very unexpected accident, one of their dogs is still in critical condition. 

Their friend, Deb Schneider, started a GoFundMe page on Cherie and Jenna’s behalf. Deb explained that back in early April when the two were participating in the AKC National Agility trial in Ocala, Florida, their two five-year-old Shelties approached a container that had Ligaplex supplements for people in it.

And to all pet owners’ nightmares, the two pups chewed up the whole container. Although Jenna and Cherie discovered the incident quickly and immediately induced vomiting, the damage still was done to their dogs.

The two pups, named Hatter and Nuri, fell into severe illness and were sent to the ER right after the accident. 

Hatter and Nuri stayed at the local ER for a short while. Then they got transferred to the University of Florida Veterinary School for continued care.

While the vet took care of the dogs, Jenna and Cherie had to sleep in their van in the hospital’s parking lot.

Deb explained that both Nuri and Hatter had manganese toxicity from the supplements. One small fortune was that Hatter had consumed less of the supplement than Nuri because Hatter was not as sick as Nuri, and she was able to start recovering. On the other hand, Nuri was left in critical condition.

“Her liver was in failure, and there was a good possibility that she might not make it,” Deb wrote on her page.

GoFundMe; pictured above are Nuri and Hatter

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