This Silken Windhound’s Mom Is Hoping To Get Her The Help She Needs So She Can Beat Cancer

Escondido, California. Cancer is definitely still one of the most fearful words to everyone, when you hear the word, your whole world is suddenly filled with uncertainty, and the clock starts ticking.

That was how Hillary Dakin felt when her best friend, a now three-year-old silken Windhound named Pip, was diagnosed with lymphoma in November 2021.

According to Hillary, Pip was also the youngest dog of her breed on record to be diagnosed with this kind of cancer.

Before her diagnosis, Pip and Hillary were inseparable. “She (Pip) was my do-everything dog,” Hillary stated.

“She loved to train in all manner of things, from running sports to agility. She was always up for anything, whether an adventure to the beach or a day on the couch.”

Hillary has been active in searching for ways to treat Pip’s lymphoma. In the beginning, they were going under the “gold standard” of treatment for lymphoma called CHOP, which is a chemotherapy protocol affordable by Pip’s insurance.

However, CHOP could only buy them some time as the treatment is rarely fully curative in dogs. Pip could be given another year, but cancer’s comeback was inevitable, and the medications would no longer be effective on Pip. So the two would eventually have to say goodbye.

That was not the situation Hillary wanted to be in, and she wanted to see Pip have a long and happy life.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Pip

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