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She Went To Prom With Her Sister Before Ditching Her And Now Her Sister Is Upset That They Didn’t Get To Spend Any Time Together

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A 15-year-old girl is just finishing her freshman year of high school, and she has a sister named Avery who is 18 and completing her senior year.

Avery never got to go to prom previously, so the opportunity to get to go this year meant a lot to her.

At first, Avery was planning on taking her best friend with her to prom, but that didn’t work out and Avery informed her that she would probably try to find another date.

Avery did leave the possibility on the table for her to come, though Avery insisted that was probably a slim chance.

“However when she found someone else to go with, I was crushed; and after a bit of arguing and getting mom on my side, my sister had no choice but to take me,” she explained.

“But it worked out since her friend also had a freshman sister who wanted to go. The day before prom the party of four became a fluctuating party of twenty and my sister, an introvert, was a little nervous about it.”

Everything ended up working out alright and while they all went out to dinner together, she made a new friend.

Her new friend was a junior named Sasha, and when they finally arrived at prom after dinner out together, she and Sasha threw their belongings on the table and headed right for the dance floor.

She spent all of prom alongside Sasha, dancing and having a great time, and as the night came to an end, her contacts began bothering her.

GTeam – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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