She Stood Up To Her Best Friend After She Spent Years Leading A Guy On And Now They’re No Longer Friends

While Edwin was taking some space from Jocelyn, she wound up getting closer to Edwin as a friend.

She and Edwin began spending more time together, and one day she invited Edwin to hang out with her and her friend Victoria.

Well, Edwin and Victoria hit it off and Edwin asked Victoria out on a date. Victoria said yes to their date, and it went so well that Edwin planned for a second date with Victoria.

Jocelyn then learned that Edwin took Victoria out while they were spending time together one day, and she stormed off.

After Jocelyn left, she phoned her up and was met by Jocelyn yelling at her on the other end regarding how terrible of a friend she is to get Edwin and Victoria together.

Jocelyn claimed that she did have feelings for Edwin, yet she had no clue since Jocelyn told him she saw him as a brother.

“She explicitly told me and Edwin that she could never like him that way,” she said. “So I was confused.”

“So Jocelyn then confesses her “love” for Edwin and he stops seeing Victoria and Edwin and Jocelyn begin dating at the beginning of May. While they were dating it is brought to my attention via Edwin that Jocelyn doesn’t talk to him, completely rejects his advances at dates, or anything romantic.”

Edwin and Jocelyn kept dating for approximately a month before Edwin said he was done. It was clear to Edwin that Jocelyn just wasn’t that into him and her claiming to be was just an enormous waste of his time and energy.

“I tried giving Jocelyn the benefit of the doubt in thinking that maybe she was just nervous around him, but Jocelyn herself admits to only saying she liked Edwin because she was jealous that he was with Victoria,” she continued.

“This made me so upset. After 6 long years of her stringing this guy along, he finally finds someone who likes him and she intervenes just cause she’s jealous? In my opinion that wasn’t right.”

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