She Stood Up To Her Best Friend After She Spent Years Leading A Guy On And Now They’re No Longer Friends

sigma1850 - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old girl has a best friend named Jocelyn whom she has been close with since they were both 14.

In high school, she and Jocelyn both became friends with a guy named Edwin, and Edwin was pretty much in love with Jocelyn back then.

Edwin picked up Jocelyn’s favorite drink and brought it to her every single morning. He did other things that made it seem that they were boyfriend and girlfriend even though they weren’t.

Jocelyn really did lead Edwin on and played along so that she could continue to benefit from Edwin’s gestures.

To this day, she, Jocelyn, and Edwin remain friends with one another. A couple of months ago, Edwin sent her a text proclaiming his love for Jocelyn, before asking her if he should tell her after 6 long years of keeping this a secret.

“At this point, I don’t know how Jocelyn feels about him, but again for the last 6 years, the two of them have basically been a couple without the official title,” she explained.

She supported Edwin in revealing his feelings to Jocelyn, but after he did, Jocelyn friend-zoned him.

Jocelyn maintained that she viewed Edwin more like her brother than a romantic interest, and that definitely broke Edwin’s heart.

Although Jocelyn really did hurt Edwin, he wanted to keep being friends with her, but he did take a bit of time apart from Jocelyn.

sigma1850 – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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