After She Went Missing 40 Years Ago Under Mysterious Circumstances, Her Daughter Was Told Never To Ask Questions About What Happened To Her

Lonene Rogers, also known as “Lonnie” to many, was a nearly-deaf woman from Hayfield Township, Pennsylvania.

But, she was so much more than that to her community.

Lonene was a charismatic friend with a glowing smile who never used her challenges as an excuse. She also married and became a wonderful mother to two– a daughter named Alison and a son named Aaron.

Then, on January 7, 1981, the twenty-eight-year-old woman went missing, and her case has sadly remained cold ever since.

Facebook; pictured above is Lonene

The evening of her disappearance, Lonene and her husband had another heated argument. Her husband has been regarded as a “troubled man,” and the pair’s relationship was known to be tumultuous.

Lonene allegedly decided their fight was her final straw and decided to leave her husband. But, in the morning, she was nowhere to be found– leaving her hearing aids, wallet, and children behind.

The husband allegedly woke up children Alison and Aaron at about three o’clock in the morning and rushed them off to their babysitter’s house.

And according to police records, the husband claims he woke up about an hour earlier and noticed Lonene was no longer lying next to him in bed.

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