Her Best Friend Is Married, But He Just Revealed That He Has Romantic Feelings Towards Her

sergeyzapotylok - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 23-year-old woman has a best friend the same age as her, and she’s been close with this guy for nearly her whole life.

Two years after they graduated from high school, her best friend tied the knot with his now-wife, and she was thrilled for him.

Since her best friend got married, she has always gone out of her way to include his wife in their plans, though his wife never really wants to hang out with the two of them.

His wife’s absence has always given her cause for concern; she has never intended to make his wife feel like their friendship is actually romantic, and so, she’s rightfully been worried about their friendship coming across like that.

Many people she knows have suspected there’s more to her friendship with her best friend, but those have always been wrong assumptions. Her best friend is her best friend, and nothing more.

Several months back, she ended up meeting her boyfriend, and she’s the happiest that she has ever been with a guy.

But, as soon as she started seeing her boyfriend, she noticed that her best friend began pulling away from her.

Initially, she thought he just had a lot going on in his life, but then he went an entire month without even talking to her.

She thought it was time to talk to him and ask if he was alright, and it took him more than a week to reply to her.

sergeyzapotylok – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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