She Rescued A Stray Cat From An Alley And Now She’s Trying To Raise Money To Get Him The Care He Needs

On Sunday, June 19th, 2022, Abby found an emaciated cat lying in an alleyway who could barely support the weight of his body.

In an attempt to save the distressed animal, she picked him up and brought him home. However, Abby does not have the proper funds to pay for the medical attention and treatments the cat desperately needs.

She is currently waiting for an animal shelter/rescue to take the poor cat in, but all places are experiencing full capacity and lack funding.

As of June 21st, 2022, she could no longer wait for a shelter to open up as the cat was in severe condition, so she took him to the vet.

Unfortunately, the vet would not do pro-bono, which is why Abby organized a fundraiser on GofundMe in hopes of raising money to pay for the cat’s medical treatments.

While this is just the beginning of the medical journey for this poor cat, Abby had decided to continue with treatments until he was accepted into a shelter.

To her surprise, 1 week later, the cat, who she named Oliver, was accepted into a shelter. At the moment, he is doing very well!

Oliver is now at Feline Rescue, where he has been checked out by the vet and sent to a foster home.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Oliver, the stray cat

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