Her Neighbor Unknowingly Went Out With A Con Man She Met On A Dating App And He Robbed Her Home

A TikToker named Ja from Central Florida was recently approached by a female neighbor with a dating app disaster story that is one for the books.

The neighbor initially asked Ja if she had cameras outside of her home. Ja did and asked about her neighbor’s sudden interest in her security system.

Then, the neighbor spilled the tea on her horrible encounter with a guy she met on a dating app.

The guy lived in South Florida and, after talking to the woman for several months online, decided to drive up to take her on a date.

According to Ja, the man was super handsome and utterly charming. But, there were also some red flags from the beginning.

For example, the man expected to stay with the neighbor from the start. Instead, the woman had to tell him that sleepovers were off-limits and instructed him to get a hotel room.

Still, the neighbor looked past this and continued to go out with the guy. Everything appeared to be going great after that.

“They went to dinner at this super nice restaurant, and they spent the evening getting to know each other,” Ja explained.

TikTok; pictured above is Ja in her video

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