She Accidentally Gave Her Coworkers A Show On A Video Call While Looking For A Pen

Ever since the pandemic, everyone has had to deal with complications that arise during Zoom meetings at least once. It’s like a way of life now – every working person has to have had at least one Zoom faux pas.

Recently, a young woman who is known on TikTok as Waa (@waadoesthat) accidentally got a little too personal with her new co-workers during an onboarding Zoom meeting for her internship position.

Waa made a video of herself cringing with a caption explaining that she was only five days into her internship and already accidentally flashed her ‘down there’ during her Zoom meeting.

“Lord help me, they ’bout to give me the boot,” writes Waa in her caption.

The video left TikTok viewers wanting more information on how this could have possibly happened and thankfully Waa delivered.

One viewer commented, “Are you taking questions at this time?” This led Waa to make a response video to give us the details we so desperately wanted!

Waa decided to record her response so that we could see what she looked like on her laptop when the accidental flash went down.

She had logged onto the meeting while sitting on her couch and was looking very professional with a notepad ready to go.

TikTok; pictured above is Waa in one of her videos

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