Her Boyfriend’s Family Intentionally Fed Her Meat Without Telling Her Even Though She Is Vegan, So She Excused Herself From The Dinner Table To Go Throw Up

lithian - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman has spent the last decade of her life being a vegan, and before she started eating that way, she was a vegetarian for 3 years.

Since she has not consumed meat in such a long time, she isn’t able to just eat it without suffering some serious digestive consequences.

If she ever does want to eat meat again, she needs to put it back into her diet really slowly so as not to be sick for days on end.

She’s had a couple of incidents over the years where she ate meat accidentally and was violently ill.

“After these experiences, I’ve decided that if I ever eat meat by accident again, I’m just going to have a quick puke because at least that’s better than a day or 2 of stomach issues,” she explained.

A week ago, she went to her boyfriend’s family’s house for dinner, and they all know that she is a vegan.

Her boyfriend’s family loves to endlessly give her a hard time or make fun of her for being vegan, but when she arrived at their home last week, they weren’t acting like they normally do.

Instead, they were lovely to her and even went out of their way to make her a pasta dish that they insisted had no meat in it.

She ate it, thinking it tasted a bit funny, but she was gracious to them for thinking of her for a change.

lithian – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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