His Girlfriend’s Eating Habits Are So Completely Restrictive That He Hasn’t Been Able To Eat Anything He Actually Likes In A Year, And He Can’t Take It Anymore

labelled4 - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 28-year-old guy has spent the last 3 years dating his 29-year-old girlfriend, and one year ago, they made the decision to move in with each other.

He does consider their relationship to be nothing but flawless (except for one major problem), and his girlfriend is intelligent, successful, and kind.

His girlfriend has a full-time job working as a nurse, and because he works on a part-time basis, he’s stepped up to take on more of the household responsibilities.

He also does all of the cooking in their house, which has never been an inconvenience for him as it’s something he enjoys.

“However, my GF’s food preferences are so insanely restrictive that it has sucked the joy out of cooking for me,” he explained.

“She refuses to eat anything she deems “unhealthy,” which means no spaghetti, no hamburgers, no sloppy joes, no chili, nothing.”

“Our go-to meal is grilled chicken with fresh veggies, which is delicious, but not “I’ll eat this 7 days a week” delicious.”

He simply cannot handle eating the exact same foods on repeat, and his girlfriend won’t even try what’s outside of her approved foods list.

She will not consume anything that contains carbs or grease. Although he has cooked his family’s lasagna recipe for her or tried to grill hamburgers for her, she freaks out on him and won’t even try it.

labelled4 – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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